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Cholesterol Isn't the Problem in Heart Disease; Inflammation Is

13 Sep 2017 | 110,341 Views

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans has concluded cholesterol is not a nutrient for concern. Recent research has demonstrated chronic low-grade inflammation may be at the heart of cardiac disease and other illnesses. I'll give you easy and simple drug-free strategies to lower your heart disease risk by quenching inflammation.

American Heart Association Renders Itself Obsolete With 1960s Dietary Advice Long Since Refuted

05 Jul 2017 | 338,600 Views

It's the ultimate betrayal, akin to the flat earth theory that inexplicably gained traction in the 21st century despite clear and indisputable proof of the opposite. See how the AHA is using selective interpretation of the evidence to pull the wool over your eyes.

The Cholesterol Myth Has Been Busted — Yet Again

03 May 2017 | 246,387 Views

This recent discovery of missing research data, found among the possessions of a deceased scientist, is about to create seismic waves in the medical and public health communities. Because this famous scientist was 'disappointed' with the study results, he instead chose to promote dying.

Important Facts About Cholesterol and Heart Disease

29 Jun 2016 | 104,029 Views

Cholesterol is a necessary and essential component of every cell in your body. "Bad" cholesterol is not responsible for an increased risk of heart disease and statins may be a waste of time. So what can you do to reduce your potential for heart disease?

Cholesterol Myths You Need to Stop Believing

20 Apr 2016 | 298,077 Views

Do you still shun eggs, butter and other nutrient-dense foods because they contain cholesterol? You're depriving yourself needlessly, because cholesterol is not a villain to your diet or heart health as you've been led to believe.

Why You May Be Better Off Ignoring Conventional Cholesterol and Low-Fat Diet Guidelines

27 Apr 2015 | 268,979 Views

While it's meant to protect your heart, ironically it does the complete opposite. But millions have been brainwashed into doing it, even though it also promotes an expanded waistline, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, and cancer...

New US Guidelines Will Lift Limits on Dietary Cholesterol

02 Mar 2015 | 171,183 Views

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans may do away with decades-old advice to limit your cholesterol intake from foods like eggs, butter, and grass-fed beef.

New Dietary Guidelines Reverse Flawed Recommendations on Cholesterol

25 Feb 2015 | 527,004 Views

Is one of the biggest scientific blunders ever made about to be corrected? It appears that way, but correcting the message is just the first step. Because medical interventions have been built upon these lies, countless numbers may be receiving flawed, dangerous advice.

7 Factors to Consider if You’re Told Your Cholesterol Is Too High

12 Jan 2015 | 1,168,716 Views

Fifty years created millions of converts... and caused a stampede to drugs, bad foods, and worse health. "Solution" lowers sex drive, destroys memory, and raises heart attack risk. Yet these tiny messengers are critical to your health, and can be influenced by certain natural actions...

Systematic Review Finds No Grounds for Current Warnings Against Saturated Fat

22 Dec 2014 | 75,977 Views

At one time you'd have been considered a quack for thinking this triggered heart disease. But now 76 studies involving 600,000 people show that this can do some serious damage to your heart, cholesterol, glucose levels, and even cancer. Don't be duped by this popular myth.