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Cholesterol Articles

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7 Factors to Consider if You’re Told Your Cholesterol Is Too High

12 Jan 2015 | 314,169 Views

Fifty years created millions of converts... and caused a stampede to drugs, bad foods, and worse health. "Solution" lowers sex drive, destroys memory, and raises heart attack risk. Yet these tiny messengers are critical to your health, and can be influenced by certain natural actions...

Systematic Review Finds No Grounds for Current Warnings Against Saturated Fat

22 Dec 2014 | 51,659 Views

At one time you'd have been considered a quack for thinking this triggered heart disease. But now 76 studies involving 600,000 people show that this can do some serious damage to your heart, cholesterol, glucose levels, and even cancer. Don't be duped by this popular myth.

New Science Destroys the Saturated Fat Myth

27 Jul 2014 | 367,934 Views

A meta-analysis of more than 500,000 people and 80 studies patently disproves this myth. And a prominent London cardiologist advises you to snub the "norm." Will you keep following the crowd, or reduce your mortality risk today?

Butter Is Back—Processed Foods Are Identified as Real Culprits in Heart Disease

23 Jun 2014 | 397,250 Views

Finally, butter is now receiving the recognition it deserves for a long list of potential health benefits. But buy either of these two popular brands or you'll find yourself receiving an unwelcome surprise.

The Redemption of Cholesterol—How It Supports Your Health

11 May 2014 | 448,271 Views

One of the best ways to stop sudden death is to avoid this food mistake, says 99-year old scientist who made his first pivotal finding in 1957. He's still fighting the FDA and just published a new book - a living testament to the validity of his decades of discoveries.

The Importance of Vitamin D for Normalizing Your Cholesterol Levels

14 Apr 2014 | 323,771 Views

This simple vitamin can help sweep dangerous plaque from your arteries. And you can get 50 times the study dose without spending a dime. This is one of the best heart disease preventives known, so claim its benefits today.

The Ugly Side of Statins: Systemic Appraisal of the Contemporary Unknown Unknowns

09 Oct 2013 | 120,318 Views

Are you taking a statin? Then this is a must-read, as a review of the major statin research casts serious doubts about their efficacy and safety, especially for your eyes.

New Cholesterol Drug PCSK9 Is Likely to Prematurely Kill You

29 Jul 2013 | 280,174 Views

It's a major medical fad that can lead to nearly all the same problems it promises to prevent... in addition to dementia, cancer, suicide, and more. If that isn't bad enough, it wrecks your fitness levels - even if you work out. Do you make this mistake?

TV Ads for Statins Drive Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment According to Study

20 Mar 2013 | 170,879 Views

The US is one of only two countries in the world that allows this... And a new study shows this devious scheme can lead to potentially lethal consequences, including a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, and birth defects. Worse, look who's profiting nicely, and who's paying the steep bill...

Cholesterol Plays Key Role in Cell Signaling

16 Jan 2013 | 84,827 Views

New research reveals a previously unrecognized way in which cholesterol plays an integral role in your health.


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